There are several ways to get in contact.


1) Email Please not we cannot look into everything to do with site modelling via email, so we've put in place other options that make it easier for us to see you:


2) Upon ordering an item from us, by default you will receive a leaflet which will give you our instagram and a tag you can use to show us how you style our stuff. The best photos will be retweeted, posted on our instagram and used as product display photographs on our site!


3) You can tag any photos of us that you want us to see on instagram using #INFINITEEAPPARELSEARCH. Please have a means of contact availible for us in your bio such as a twitter account or email.


4) Twitter contest. 


This is open to everyone and anyone. All you have to do is 

 - Tweet a photo of yourself to @infiniteesearch on twitter to be retweeted.

 - Once this has been retweeted get your friends to vote and nominate you using the following tweet [click here] to post it and edit

- We will look through entries and select people in a week from now. [today is 27th of december]


Make sure you're following the main account for updates!

Please note if you send us photos of you in our clothes they may not always be used.